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Hi I'm Kat! Coffee addicted Canadian pastry cook with a love for candy and cakes. Avid comic collector and cosplayer. Blue Lantern and Blue Beetle fan.
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Dear X-teachers

Because I am reading New Mutants for the first time I have realised something. Broo getting shot is actually the second of church related incidents. Not wanting to condemn for or prevent anyone from practising their religions I have a few suggestions

1. Create a list of the religiously devout students

2. Create a list of mutant friendly churches/places of worship in the local community

3. Regularly check the churches/places of worship for changes in policies regarding mutants

4. Keep all students updated on the list

Please consider before another incident occurs


a concerned reader

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the 40’s and 50’s had a really cute aesthetic however the dark underside of over patriotism, greed, racism and sexism make me content to simply steal the dress patterns and be glad I’m not living during the time period. 

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Family —-> Polaris and Scarlet Witch (Exiles)

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I was feeling kinda down today so here’s some Scarlet Mama and her babies.

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legitimately the most terrifying moment of the series look at hermione’s face like that’s right you dumb bitch

This was one of my favorite things in the series. So perfect.

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I just fangirled over swirls of icing. I think I’ve lost control over my life.

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Last Wishes


Last Wishes

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Character Death, Light Violence, Language

Summary: Billy Thinks about doing something to bring Back a passed away Tommy and Quentin does what Tommy asked him to do.
Inspired by a conversation with MourningGories.
QuentinTommy if you read it that way.

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